Q Ideas 2020 Virtual Summit: Our Takeaways

Since we couldn’t gather together in Nashville this year, we enjoyed Jeni’s ice cream (one of our favorite Nashville treats) virtually with friends in Portland, Seattle and Canada to kick off the conference.

Sheri Lozano, Founder and CEO

I am so grateful to the Q Ideas community for their agility and ability to respond to the moment. I see this mentality influencing everything they do. The content was relevant and did not disappoint. I walked away challenged to think more and a little more equipped to have a compassionate conversation. Not to mention, I also loved watching the short films they included this year.

Tabi Lozano, Research Assistant:

I appreciate that Q strives to give both sides of the story. People who oppose each other’s views can in the end, still find good will in each other’s argument and conclude in the fact that they are brothers and sisters in Christ, as Christians. It was inspiring to see people who thoroughly disagree find common ground.

Noemi Elliott, Client Engagement Director:

This was my first time at the Q Conference.The topics were wide ranging. Some inspiring, some I knew very little about, and others I walked into with a definite point of view. I appreciated the opportunity to learn about different points of view while maintaining a conviction of what is true. I feel challenged to be creative in this time of pandemic. I am excited about the ideas presented at Q such as the talk by John Kingston on the American Awakening, the talk on Community Gardens, Overcoming Polarization, Ann Voskamp’s spoken word, and Tim Keller’s Truth Over Emotions. Q was time well spent.

Madi Finnesand, Operations Director:

My favorite talk was from Priscilla Shirer. She shared about perspective in the midst of suffering. It was inspiring to hear her share her story and about continued faith in God through family hardships. She provided a beautiful perspective on doubt and questioning in the midst of believing. I always resonate with talks that acknowledge the “both/and”s of life rather than the “either/or”s. Faith and questions, sorrow and joy, etc. I think Priscilla did that wonderfully and I was so encouraged!

Kallen Hawkinson, Content Creator:

I appreciated the theme of formation v expression throughout the Q Ideas Conference. In our current cultural moment, there is so much vitriol and polarization that fuels our emotionalized discourse and often results in a lack of civility. It’s important to realize that we all play a part in forming culture, whether it’s through business, church, family, friendships, and social media. The stories we tell have the power to form our cultural realities. I am trying to take that responsibility seriously, and be a part of forming the culture I desire to live within.



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